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The 10708NAT Advanced Diploma of Integrative Complementary Medicine preeminent course enables you to combine key aspects of nutrition and Chinese Medicine enhancing your skills, experience and professional offering.

Why more people choose us for their Complementary Medicine training:

To address all aspects of body and mind in one course

They want to be a practitioner who can integrate across all major areas of natural therapy. Since the human is multidimensional shouldn’t our treatment be? This course integrates all major aspects of Chinese Medicine theory with mind body medicine, nutritional biochemistry and food therapy, body work, aromatherapy massage and mitochondrial therapy.

Get up and running quicker

Our program provides students options for beginning clinic quicker than in other complementary medicine courses. This enables them to start earning money while they are completing their second year of study. You can find out how to take up this option by speaking with our course advisors.

Great employment outcomes

Our Integrative Complementary Medicine graduates are very successful in clinic with graduate surveys showing average earnings over $ . Our entire focus is on equipping you to be successful working full time in the community because we believe you can play a role in changing the world for the better.


The 10708NAT Advanced Diploma in Integrative Complementary Medicine articulates into various Degree programs with Endeavour College including Bachelor of Acupuncture, Myotherapy, Nutrition and Naturopathy.

Experienced Teaching team

The founder of this unique approach to health, David Corby, is the head teacher for this course. A published author with more than 16 years teaching experience he knows how to get the most out of your training. The program also draws on specialist teachers from the different disciplines with all the teachers experienced clinicians.

More study options and resources

With full time, night time, blended study options we have a course structure to suit your needs. We have the most comprehensive online resources available for all our students. We don’t just provide manuals, we have comprehensive online resources including video demonstrations of every aspect of the course available for review at any time.

What is in the Program?

Our 10708NAT Advanced Diploma of Integrative Complementary Medicine program covers:

  • Chinese Medicine theory and acupressure – Chinese Medicine is used as an intellectual base for the program’s unique mind-body diagnostic system and for selecting acupressure points for helping emotionally and physically.
  • Nutritional biochemistry and food therapy allows students to advise on a dietary program that specifically tackles the client’s condition.
  • Body therapy – orthopaedic assessment, joint mobility, trigger points and myofascial release techniques.
  • Aromatherapy massage – applying aromatherapy oils that specifically addresses the client’s needs.
  • Research – students learn how to research and write treatment protocols for specific conditions.
  • Western Medicine pathology and diagnosis – learning about conditions from a Western Medicine point of view and how Doctors diagnose conditions is essential for working professionally and integrating well with other health practitioners.
  • Mind body medicine – including counselling techniques for addressing psychological drivers behind conditions.
  • Kinesiology



Pilihan kuliah

Purna Waktu (24 bulan)

Biaya kuliah
AUD $40,830 for the entire course
Tanggal mulai

Direncanakan Agustus 2020


City Campus

128-134 Chalmers Street,


New South Wales,

2010, SYDNEY, Australia

Persyaratan masuk

Untuk mahasiswa internasional

To establish Language Literacy and Numeracy skills, CCM requires students to provide evidence in the form of:

  • a Certificate III or higher qualification; or
  • an Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF) assessment result of Level 3 or above; or
  • a Higher School Certificate (HSC), or equivalent, with 50% or more, in both Math and English.

For international student’s there is an additional requirement of English proficiency equivalent to IELTS test score of 6.0 or above.