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As technology advances, the industry need for a qualified 3D artist grows. 3D content is used to tell stories, create characters and portray digital worlds that otherwise can only be imagined. 3D artists work in film, television, advertising, and video game production. 3D software such as ZBrush, Maya and 3ds Max will be the tools at your disposal. Along the way, you will learn to create content for the exciting growing industries of virtual reality, augmented reality, and visual effects. 3D Design ensures students have a solid grounding in all aspects of 3D including modelling, texturing, animation and rigging. It will introduce students to the 3D pipeline, the use of multiple software and a wide range of skills.


Master storytelling, production, techniques and gain real world experience


Develop compelling stories through logline, treatment, script, storyboard and animatics production.
Design principles & techniques, imbue a story with colour, texture, layout & props.
Edit photography & film for multiple screen platforms.
Record, process and implement sound and learn the principles for effective sound design.

Animation & Motion:

Create motion graphics & basic animation.
Design and develop animated characters, through timing, movement, composition, background art, texturing and lighting.
Design and create virtual worlds using best-practice principles.


Work with speed & efficiency and collaborate effectively under real-world pressure on industry briefs.
Learn industry-standard software and applications.


Learn industry-standard software

  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Substance Painter
  • Autodesk (Maya, 3D Studio Max & Mudbox)
  • Pixelogic Zbrush
  • Unity & Unreal Game Engines
  • Foundry Nuke Compositing


Beyond the obvious opportunities at big international animation houses like Pixar and Dreamworks, there are plenty of places where a skilled animator is welcomed. Visual effects now make up a major portion of the media we consume, whether that’s on the big screen in a cinema or a pop-up ad in our internet browser. The advertising industry uses a lot of animations, from friendly aliens selling insurance to wacky animals promoting breakfast cereal, and seemingly unrelated industries such as architecture and education often make use of animators’ skill sets.

Every time you see one of those pop-ups on TV to tell you what’s coming up, or an information visualisation with a voice-over that explains a complex topic, someone was paid to create it. Once you start looking, you’ll see animations all around you!

Career animators often don’t complete the whole process within a work, instead specialising in a particular step along the production pipeline. You might find yourself working as a character designer, storyboard artist or compositor.

Specific Roles

  • 3D Artist
  • 3D Modeller
  • 3D Sculptor
  • 3D Lighter
  • 3D Rigger
  • 3D Technical Director
  • 3D Creature / Character Animator
  • Compositor / VFX Artist



Pilihan kuliah

Online/Jarak jauh dengan kehadiran (3 tahun)

Biaya kuliah
A$21.200,00 (Rp 212.000.000) per tahun
Tuition fee: AUD $63,600 for the entire course; Enrolment Fee: AUD $200
Tanggal mulai

7 Februari 2022, 30 Mei 2022


Academy of Information Technology

Sydney Campus,

Level 2, 7 Kelly Street,


New South Wales,

2007, SYDNEY, Australia

Online/Jarak jauh (3 tahun)

Biaya kuliah
A$21.200,00 (Rp 212.000.000) per tahun
Tuition fee: AUD $63,600 for the entire course; Enrolment Fee: AUD $200
Tanggal mulai

7 Februari 2022, 30 Mei 2022

Persyaratan masuk

Untuk mahasiswa dari Amerika Serikat

Students must have successful completion of senior high school equivalent to Australian Year 12 level of education; A minimum level of achievement is expected for direct entry into a Bachelor Degree; Students without Year 12 level of education may enter Diploma level study with the completion of a Certificate II or above. IELTS 6.0 or equivalent.

Untuk mahasiswa internasional

Completion of year 12 or equivalent; OR

Certificate IV, VET Diploma or Higher Education Diploma (completion); OR

Successful completion of one year of full-time study in a degree course at a higher education provider; OR

Admission via non-academic criteria may include demonstrated interest or experience in relevant fields or work. Students may be asked to demonstrate this through a short-written piece, interview and or portfolio

IELTS Academic 6.0 or equivalent

Mungkin ada beberapa persyaratan IELTS yang berbeda, tergantung jurusan yang kamu ambil

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