Apa yang akan saya pelajari?

The ICI paralegal course has been designed in conjunction with government and industry representatives and helps you learn the skills you need to succeed within the field of law quickly and conveniently.

Our program is designed for those who seek to enter the profession and for experienced paralegals and legal secretaries who wish to improve their skills and upgrade credentials.

  • Apply knowledge of the legal system to complete tasks
  • Carry out search of the public record
  • Apply the principles of confidentiality and security within the legal environment
  • Handle receipt and dispatch of information
  • Use legal terminology in order to carry out tasks
  • Assist in prioritising and planning activities in a legal practice
  • Work effectively in a business environment
  • Produce business documents
  • Contribute to effective workplace relationships
  • Maintain records for time and disbursements in a legal practice
  • Court documentation

Career Prospects

Start a career in a powerful and well paid industry. The ICI paralegal studies course is your stepping-stone toward an exciting career working for in-house legal departments of large companies and private practice law firms specializing in:

  • Private
  • Administrative Law
  • Bankruptcy
  • Civil Rights Consumer Law
  • Contract Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Environmental Law
  • Estate Planning
  • Family Law
  • Health Care Law
  • Immigration Law
  • Labor Law
  • Litigation
  • Personal Injury
  • Real Estate Law
  • Corporate Legal Departments
  • Human Resources Analyst
  • Insurance Companies
  • Real Estate & Title Insurance Firms
  • Banks & Financial Institutions
  • Community Legal Services
  • Risk Management


  • Attorney General’s Office
  • Various government departments
  • Parliament
  • Court

This legal course will provide you with a thorough knowledge of the legal industry, skills and knowledge needed to keep pace in a thriving law practice. It is a comprehensive legal course where you will learn highly advanced practical skills in administration, while gaining crucial knowledge of paralegal systems and procedures for the legal industry.

ICI Advanced Diploma

The graduate is able to apply a significant range of principles and techniques across various contexts and functions. Graduates can expect to be involved in significant judgments, planning, and leadership/guidance functions related to workplace products, services, operations or procedures.

Online Learning

This entire course is carried out via Distance Learning (also known as correspondence learning). Distance learning is ideal if you need to adapt around work, family, or other commitments. It is also extremely beneficial should you simply wish to fast track your studies (and career) and not be locked into a timetable.

Our course content and learning experience ensure that your course is relevant and interesting. Learning, tutorial assistance and assessments take place whenever and wherever you are in the country or world. It takes place at your own pace on your own terms to fit your lifestyle. As an ICI student, you’ll never endure a pop quiz, spend countless hours and hundreds of dollars travelling, and never be late with an assignment or for class.

Saya termasuk departemen apa?

Faculty of Law and Justice

Pilihan kuliah

Online/Jarak jauh (31 minggu)

Biaya kuliah
AUD $2,088 for the entire course
Tanggal mulai

To suit the client/individual

Persyaratan masuk

Untuk mahasiswa internasional

There are no previous work or education requirements for entry into course level. Graduates can expect higher course levels to result in higher potential salary, positions and skill capabilities.