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For the motivated student, the honours economics and mathematics program gives the benefits of two cultures and two distinct modes of thought: an important aspect in developing critical thinking and in today's job market.

For the students who seek to pursue economics at a graduate level, this program provides students with an excellent grasp of the mathematic tools needed for advanced study.


  • ECON 1B03 - Introductory Microeconomics
  • ECON 1BB3 - Introductory Macroeconomics
  • ECON 2A03 - Economics of Labour-Market Issues
  • ECON 2B03 - Analysis of Economic Data
  • ECON 2CC3 - Health Economics and its Application to Health Policy
  • ECON 2D03 - Economic Issues
  • ECON 2F03 - The Political Economy of Development
  • ECON 2G03 - Intermediate Microeconomics I
  • ECON 2GG3 - Intermediate Microeconomics II
  • ECON 2H03 - Intermediate Macroeconomics I
  • ECON 2HH3 - Intermediate Macroeconomics II
  • ECON 2I03 - Financial Economics
  • ECON 2J03 - Environmental Economics
  • ECON 2K03 - Economic History of Canada
  • ECON 2N03 - Public Policy Toward Business
  • ECON 2P03 - Economics of Professional Sports
  • ECON 2Q03 - Economics of Bad Behaviour
  • ECON 2T03 - Economics of Trade Unionism and Labour
  • ECON 2X03 - Applied Business Economics
  • ECON 3B03 - Public Sector Economics: Expenditures
  • ECON 3C03 - Public Sector Economics: Taxation
  • ECON 3D03 - Labour Economics
  • ECON 3F03 - Methods of Inquiry in Economics
  • ECON 3FF3 - Research Methods in Economics
  • ECON 3G03 - Introduction to Advanced Economic Theory
  • ECON 3H03 - International Monetary Economics
  • ECON 3HH3 - International Trade
  • ECON 3K03 - Monetary Economics
  • ECON 3M03 - Introduction to Game Theory
  • ECON 3Q03 - The Economics of Aging
  • ECON 3S03 - Industrial Organization
  • ECON 3T03 - Economic Development
  • ECON 3U03 - Econometrics I
  • ECON 3W03 - Natural Resources
  • ECON 3WW3 - Applied Econometrics
  • ECON 3Y03 - Selected Topics
  • ECON 3Z03 - Health Economics
  • ECON 4A03 - Honours Economic Analysis
  • ECON 4AA3 - Economic Specialist Seminar
  • ECON 4B03 - Selected Topics
  • ECON 4G03 - Econometrics II
  • ECON 4M06 A/B - Directed Research I
  • ECON 4N03 - Directed Research II
  • ECON 4T03 - Advanced Economic Theory I
  • ECON 4TT3 - Advanced Economic Theory II

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Faculty of Social Sciences

Pilihan kuliah

Purna Waktu (4 tahun)

Biaya kuliah
Level 1: CAN $932.56 per credit; Level 2: CAN $898.02 per credit; Level 3 and 4: CAN $864.77 per credit
Tanggal mulai

Direncanakan September 2020


Faculty of Social Sciences

McMaster University,

Kenneth Taylor Hall 129, 1280 Main Street West,


Ontario (ON),

L8S 4M4, Canada

Persyaratan masuk

Untuk mahasiswa dari Indonesia

Applicants who have completed the International Baccalaureate Diploma will be considered for admission to Level I, provided the completed diploma program includes the subject requirements of the program desired. Six subjects are required at the diploma level, of which three must be at Higher Level. Diploma points will be included in the overall score. All programs require six subjects, including program requirements, 3 at the Higher Level (HL) and 3 at the Standard Level (SL).  An anticipated minimum score of 35 is required for consideration. Other English Language Requirements: CAE: (Cambridge English: Advanced): Minimum overall score on the Cambridge English Scale of 176, with no less than 154 in each of the components; PTE (Pearson Test of English Academic): 60 Overall with minimum score of 60 in Writing and Speaking. Valid for 2 years; CAEL(Canadian Academic English Language): 70 Overall Valid for 2 years; MELAB(Michigan English Language Assessment Battery): 85 Overall, Valid for 2 years, Minimum 80 in each of the three required components, Minimum 3 in optional speaking component (Required).

Untuk mahasiswa internasional

Entry requirements may vary from country to country. Students are required to complete Grade 12 high school diploma equivalent to Canadian qualification.

English Language Requirements:

  • IELTS – International English Language Testing System (Academic): 6.5 Overall with a minimum of 6.0 in each of the four components (Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening); results valid for 2 years
  • CAE – Cambridge English: Advanced: 190 Overall with minimum score of 180 in each component; valid for 2 years
  • PTE – Pearson Test of English Academic: 60 Overall with minimum score of 60 in Writing and Speaking; valid for 2 years
  • CAEL – Canadian Academic English Language: 70 Overall with no component score below 60; valid for 2 years
  • MELAB – Michigan English Language Assessment Battery: 85 overall valid for 2 years, Minimum 80 in each of the three required components; Minimum 3 in optional speaking component (Required)
  • Note: this test is no longer available (as of June 2018)
  • TOEFL – Test of English as a Foreign Language: IBT: 86 Overall with a minimum score of 20 in each of the four components (Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening); valid for 2 years