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The Master Program SAR is a research-oriented Master degree in wireless communication and networking. It corresponds to the second year of the 2-year European Master degree curriculum and all its courses are taught in English. This program aims to convey solid fundamental knowledge in the field of wireless communications as a means to prepare the students for their future research-oriented careers. Courses focus on the theoretical and fundamental methodologies and techniques, which are necessary for understanding key advances in the area of wireless networks. The curriculum spans a large spectrum of material, ranging from information theory and coding to communication theory and networking theory.

The organization of the year is as follows:

  • The first semester (September to January) starts with few “refresher” courses that provide the students with solid background in mathematical tools (probability theory, estimation theory, optimization). It is followed by specialized courses on wireless communication and networking, in which baseline tools and key concepts that are necessary for understanding advanced research topics are studied in detail.
  • In the second semester (February to March), students attend a series of research seminars on advanced topics in wireless communications and in parallel they prepare a research project.
  • From April, students pursue a research-oriented internship for a minimum period of four months. The internship can be done in industrial R&D labs or universities in France or abroad.

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Admission Fee: € 243; Tuition fees: € 6,000 the academic year
Tanggal mulai

Direncanakan September 2020


Paris-Sud University

Headquarters and Presidency Bât. 300,

Orsay cedex,


Ile de France,

91405, France

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Untuk mahasiswa internasional

Student must have a Bachelor Degree.