Apa yang akan saya pelajari?

Our School offers Master of Health Sciences for the graduates from the Master Course and Doctor of Health Sciences for those from the Doctor Course. The standard duration of education is two years for the former and three years for the latter, both beginning on 1st April according to our university's academic calendar. In our School, lectures and seminars are made, as a rule, in English. Thus, both of Japanese and foreign students are required to be acquainted with English; for easiness of daily communication, however, foreign students are encouraged to learn Japanese and Japanese language courses are available in our University's International Center.

For completion of the Master Course, the student is required to take 30 credits from lectures, practices and exercises offered by the departments/programs of our School; depending on study experiences of each student, however, some of the credits can be substituted by those of lectures, practices and exercises in other graduate schools (or, in some cases, those in undergraduate courses of our university). In addition to these course works, each student is required to submit Master Thesis and pass the examination of our School's Committee. For completion of the Doctor Course, required credits number 20 and approval of Doctoral Dissertation, the examiners of which include staff from other schools of the Graduate School of Medicine, is needed. The language recommended for both Master Theses and Doctoral Dissertations is English.

Our School has not made any discriminations between Japanese students and foreign students. For instance, all questions in the Master Course examination mentioned below are made in English and their answers are requested to use English only, or to use either English or Japanese.

After Graduation

Up to date, the graduates from the Master Course selected diverse courses. Nearly half of them entered our School's Doctor Course, while the remainders were employed in various health-related (or biomedical and socio medical) sectors in governmental or private organizations in Japan or international organizations. It is noticed, however, the ADB-JSP scholars in Master Course are highly recommended to return to their home countries for contributing to development of health research and/or practices. The bulk of the graduates from the Doctor Course became academicians such as university staff and researchers in governmental or private research organizations or specialists in health-related organizations.

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Graduate School of Medicine and Faculty of Medicine

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Persyaratan masuk

Untuk mahasiswa dari Indonesia

Candidates must be a holder of a Master's degree or an equivalent status including Ph.D. candidateship.

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Applicants must have completed/expected to complete a master's course.