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Food Life Sciences, Food and Health Science, and Food Production Technology. Food is the vital alimentary material for humans to sustain life and to promote wellness; food must be highly acceptable for human consumption. The challenges of this century are to overcome worldwide problems of food production and to prevail over life style-related diseases. To establish a fundamental concept of foods for improving the quality of life from various points of view, we take a multidisciplinary approach. We have the education and research programs of studying food materials at a chemical, biological and physiological level using the updated information and technology about rapidly advancing bioscience.

The people of the earth have been living and developing in a natural way by engaging in various productive activities appropriate to the natural environment peculiar to the respective regions where they reside. On the other hand, it is well known that the environmental problems which have been brought about by remarkable industrial development, sharp increase in population, and highly substantial civilization in recent times are becoming so serious that the existence of the human race is being threatened.

One of the practical measures that the human race should take to "preserve a good environment" is to "maintain the diversities of nature and human activity, both of which are peculiar to each region, and to search for and establish solutions for coping with productive activities and living affairs".

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Graduate School of Engineering and Faculty of Engineering

Pilihan kuliah

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¥535.800,00 (Rp 73.262.131) per tahun
Admission fee: 282,000 Yen (tentative);
Tanggal mulai

Direncanakan Oktober 2020


Kyoto University





606-8501, Japan

Persyaratan masuk

Untuk mahasiswa dari Indonesia

Candidates who have been awarded a master’s degree, professional degree, or juris doctor from a university in Japan, and who have completed a program at an overseas university that is equivalent to a master’s program or a professional degree program at Kyoto University. Candidates who have reached 24 years of age of older and have master’s degree, professional degree, juris doctor(or higher degree), or equivalent as recognized by the graduate school to which the application is being made.

Untuk mahasiswa internasional

Candidates who have graduated from a Japanese university

Candidates who have completed 16 years of schooling outside of Japan.

Candidates who have reached 22 years of age or older and have been awarded a bachelor’s degree or higher, or equivalent as recognized by the graduate school to which the application is being made.

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