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The Master in Commodity Trading is a unique training in Europe. It offers a curriculum focused on the financing of resources, products and the trade of goods flows. This training is organized around specific knowledge in economics such as the analysis of credits, the study of the various financial instruments and the means of payment of the various transactions. It also devotes part of its teaching to the legal aspects of maritime transport, the protection of goods and risk management.

It has the particularity of offering students an academic education alternating with a professional activity in the field of trading.


At the end of their training, students are oriented towards all professional sectors, both in Switzerland and abroad. In Geneva, given the specificities of the local economy, the most represented markets are in banks and financial companies, trustees and consulting firms, insurance companies, local and international industrial companies, international trade (commodities trading, product distribution, etc.), international or global organizations.

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Geneva School of Economics and Management

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Biaya kuliah
University Taxes: CHF 500 per semester
Tanggal mulai

Direncanakan September 2020


University of Geneva

24 rue du General-Dufour,



1211, Switzerland

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Student must have Bachelor or equivalent degree.

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You can enroll in a Master's degree program before receiving your Bachelor's degree.

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