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Applied Linguistics MA


Apa yang akan saya pelajari?


An MA in Applied Linguistics is the best way to develop a deeper understanding of the many ways in which languages work and the many different fields to which the practical study of languages can be applied. Although the programme focuses on the English language, its theoretical and practical insights can be equally applied to other languages.

Why study Applied Linguistics?

Participating in this programme gives you the opportunity to strengthen your theoretical knowledge of all the formal aspects of the English language, while at the same time exploring how pervasive and powerful language use is in our societies. As part of your degree, you will see how language is used and researched in a variety of professional contexts; media, advertising, education, translation, healthcare and the law being some examples. The practical component of the degree will give you opportunities to put into practice what you have learnt in one or more of these professional areas.

The main strength of this programme lies in the diversity of professional contexts that are analysed, which will help you decide in which direction you want to take your career.

You will:

  • develop a sophisticated and systematic breadth and depth of knowledge and understanding of linguistics in terms of language system and language use and its applications in applied linguistics;
  • gain a systematic and critical understanding of relevant applied linguistics knowledge and theory in terms of language acquisition, communication and the social-cultural dimensions of language, as well as their applications in applied linguistics;
  • apply a range of relevant knowledge and theory in applied linguistics to a workplace setting in terms of professional practice;
  • evaluate, apply and critique a range of appropriate and ethically-considered methodologies for applied linguistics research, evaluation and evidence-based practice, demonstrating ability to argue for alternative and creative approaches;
  • carry out a sustained piece of ethical empirical research which successfully applies linguistics knowledge and theory, data collection and analysis, which in so doing develops you as a researcher;
  • become autonomous, independent and innovative in scholarship, demonstrating ability to deploy a range of learning resources for research and self-critical writing, take responsibility for personal professional development and engage in academic and professional communication with others.

How you’ll be assessed

Throughout the course your knowledge and skills will be informally assessed through a variety of learning activities. You will be encouraged to engage in self-assessment and may be actively involved in peer assessment.

Formally, the course is assessed solely through coursework, including portfolio work, reports, essays and presentations.

In the final trimester, with the support and guidance of an individual supervisor, you will write a 15,000-word dissertation on a topic of your choice in the field of Applied Linguistics.

Your future career

Graduates of this course will be able to pursue careers in a variety of industries, including advertising, media, publishing, education, translation and language consultancy for a variety of professional fields. Others may use this as a way to start their own business.

Saya termasuk departemen apa?

Canterbury Christ Church University

Pilihan kuliah

Purna Waktu (1 tahun)

Biaya kuliah
£14.500,00 (Rp 290.000.000) per tahun
Ini adalah biaya tetap
Tanggal mulai

Direncanakan September 2023


Canterbury Christ Church University

North Holmes Road,



CT1 1QU, England

Persyaratan masuk

Untuk mahasiswa dari Amerika Serikat

Students should have Masters Degree.

Untuk mahasiswa internasional

To be confirmed

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