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The Electronic Music Production & Performance BA (Hons) course combines technical training from industry experts. Experts from a range of skills from audio-visual composition and multi-media installation work to performance, research and practitioners from a range of artistic disciplines and eras. Manchester’s music scene and legendary heritage provides you with the backdrop to your course. From our creative base in the city of Manchester, you’ll find all the tools and experience you need from experts. At all stages of the course, a hands-on approach to technology is encouraged, utilising performance skills as much for the studio as for live work. Experimental approaches are also explored with the focus on developing an individual workflow, and we’ll encourage development of your personal composition, production and performance style.

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School of Journalism, Media and Performance

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Purna Waktu (3 tahun)

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£13.000,00 (Rp 244.553.186) per tahun
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Tanggal mulai

September 2021


Spirit Studios

65-69 Downing Street,


M1 7JE, England

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Students need to have successful completion of SMU 3 (equivalent to Year 12 High School Certificate) with a GPA of 3.0/4 overall and in subject areas required for chosen degree programme.

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