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- Acquire the skills and knowledge to understand the complexities of global health and international development challenges in the 21st-century- Study a unique multidisciplinary degree which enables you to make a positive difference to the lives of people around the world- Explore some of the most topical and critical issues facing the world today, from wealth disparity and environmental degradation to pandemic diseases and restricted access to health-care services and medicines in low- and middle-income countries- Gain valuable experience with an international non-governmental organisation (NGO) as part of an optional work placement- Understand more fully what makes changes sustainable - Benefit from the extensive resources and networks at the University’s Centre for Global Health as well as those located in other departments at the University- Gain expertise in the field of international development where exciting employment opportunities are to be foundDo you have a global outlook and passion for social change? If so, this unique and rewarding course could help you to play a future role in the pursuit of improved global health and wellbeing.On this innovative programme you will critically explore the challenges of sustainable health and wellbeing in low- and middle-income countries as a basis for understanding complex issues in international development.Our three-year degree takes a broad and interdisciplinary view, looking in-depth at the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and the work of the World Health Organisation to cover social and economic development issues such as poverty, health, global warming, gender equality and social justice.An important aim of the programme is to sharpen your awareness of the wider and interdependent issues facing the health of the world’s population through the analysis of selected case studies. You also develop an understanding of the work of groups and agencies active in the fields of development, including through optional fieldwork-based placements, giving you the necessary experience and exposure to maximise graduate employability in related sectors.In Year 1 you explore the Study of International Development and Global Health through introductions to, among other topics, culture and social justice, economics and power, the physical environment and global change.You continue to study approaches to international development and global health in Year 2, including health systems, health services, and the roles of civil society and NGOs. Preparations are made towards the end of the year for your placement during the summer vacation. This will be in the UK or overseas, during which you undertake an enquiry which you report orally and in writing at the start of Year 3.Your final year includes advanced study of selected aspects of International Development through the lens of Global Health. You undertake an in-depth enquiry based on your own interest within the field, that is presented and discussed throughout the year as work-in-progress and finally as an examined dissertation to complete the course.On graduation, as well as having transferable skills in time management, conflict resolution, presentations, research methodologies, and teamwork, you will be prepared to address many of the complex issues facing the modern world.These skills open up a number of career paths to you at home or abroad, including health promotion and disease prevention with local and international NGOs, education, research, community healthcare planning, policy development, business, non-profit agencies, and programme planning and evaluation with health agencies, governments and NGOs. You may also find your degree leading to further studies in rewarding roles in the fields of journalism, law, teaching if yo

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Department of Archaeology, Anthropology and Geography

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Students need SAT I with a minimum balanced score of 1250. They will also need high school diploma with a good GPA. A combination of subject related AP and SAT II may also be eligible for entry into our undergraduate degrees. AP or SAT II scores will be a pre-requisite for entry into certain subjects.

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