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As well as studying the fundamental forces of nature and how materials behave, physicists are much sought-after for their rangeof mathematical, analytical, and computer programming skills. As companies, governments, non-profits, and researchorganisations are starting to adjust to the massive amounts of data that are becoming available with the advent of newtechnologies, we are seeing the demand for graduates with "data science" skills skyrocket. The Physics with Data Scienceprogramme is designed to provide you with all the skills and learning opportunities of a traditional BSc/MSci Physics degree,combined with the tools and practical knowledge you need to solve real-world problems with data science techniques.Physics with Data Science covers all of the core topics of the BSc/MSci Physics degree, including quantum mechanics, gravitation,condensed matter physics, astronomy, and laboratory experiments. On top of this, there is a stream of modules that will help youdevelop professional Python programming skills, learn how to apply advanced machine learning and artificial intelligencetechniques, and gain insight from any kind of data using a toolkit of practical data analysis methods. The course will also prepareyou to be competitive on the job market, by connecting you with potential employers in technology, finance, healthcare, andscientific research, and giving you opportunities to perform independent research projects and develop a portfolio of datascience techniques that you have mastered.The course is taught by leading research physicists at Queen Mary, who are involved in a range of "big data" projects andexperiments like the Large Hadron Collider, the Square Kilometre Array, and the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope, as well asworking with commercial partners like IBM and the UK Atomic Energy Agency. Whether you plan to become a research physicist,master financial data, or apply your skills to big problems at NGOs or in industry, Physics with Data Science will equip you withthe tools and knowledge you need to succeed.

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Physics and Astronomy

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To include A Level ChemistryExcluded subjects: General Studies and Critical ThinkingPlease note:You will also be excepted to achieve a Pass grade in the practical endorsement for any of the following A levels - Biology, Chemistry, Physics - if taken with one of the Awarding Bodies in England.

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