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B.Mus. Degree Program in Music Composition

Amerika Serikat

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The Conservatory of Music offers a bachelor of arts (B.A.) in music, designed for students who seek a cogent music curriculum as well as elective credits in other disciplines. Students wishing to concentrate in music performance, music composition, or music education (for grades K-12 teaching certification) take a bachelor of music (B.Mus.) degree and complete additional music or education courses, according to the concentration. One of these degrees is usually required for acceptance into a master's degree program in music. The conservatory also offers a music concentration for education majors in the following programs: early childhood education teacher (birth-grade 2); childhood education teacher (grades 1-6). Students may also minor in music or music technology. The department is also affiliated with the College's American Studies Program and offers a 15-credit interdisciplinary minor in American music and culture aimed at fostering a greater understanding of music and its contribution to society. Entering students take a placement test to evaluate their ability to read musical notation and their knowledge of such musical rudiments as key signatures, scales, intervals, chords, rhythm, and meter. Depending upon placement, students take up to four semesters of keyboard workshop. All degree programs also include courses in ear training, harmonic and contrapuntal techniques, analysis, and history. In addition, music majors must audition in their primary instrument or in voice and take two to eight semesters of performance lessons, depending on their concentration, during which they also perform in a chorus, an orchestra, or a wind, contemporary, or jazz ensemble.

Program requirements (72 credits plus foreign language or proficiency) All of the following: Music 3211, 3212, 3213, 3214 (8 credits). Music 3221, 3222, 3223, 3224 (4 credits). Music 3231 and 3232, or 3235; 3233 or 3236; 3234 or 3237 (12 credits). Music 3241, 3242, 3243 (12 credits). Music 3251, 3252, 3253, 3254, 3255, 3256 (18 credits). Music 3315 or 4360; 4430 or 4431 or 4432 or 4440 or 4450 or 4460 or 4470 or one seminar in music numbered in the 4900s (6 credits). Music 3225 or 3791 and 3226 or 3792 (4 credits). Two credits in ensemble performance from Music 3700 through 3781 as assigned by the Conservatory of Music (2 credits). In addition to the courses listed above, a faculty approved portfolio and approval of the Conservatory faculty are required for the bachelor of music degree. The portfolio will consist of representative works from required (Music 3251 through Music 3256), elective, and honors composition courses. Students must submit a portfolio of work for review by a music composition jury at the end of each semester of Music 3251-3256 or 4861-4862 (Music Composition). A special jury for students in Music 3252 includes evaluation of overall progress in the program, on the basis of which permission to continue in the music composition program is granted or denied. Students who wish to be considered for performance lessons, Music 3791 and 3792, in place of advanced keyboard classes, Music 3225 and 3226, must demonstrate proficiency in an audition no later than the beginning of their junior year. Final approval will be given by the director.

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School of Visual, Media and Performing Arts

Pilihan kuliah

Purna Waktu (120 jam kredit)

Biaya kuliah
USD $620 per credit
Tanggal mulai

Direncanakan Agustus 2023


School of Visual, Media and Performing Arts

1234 Boylan Hall,


New York,

11210, United States

Persyaratan masuk

Untuk mahasiswa dari Amerika Serikat

Freshman applicants are students that never attended any post-secondary institution after graduating from secondary school. Secondary School Academic Average: 88.5, Mean SAT (Evidence-Based Reading and Writing + Math): 26 + 530; ACT: 26. English language requirements: Internet-Based TOEFL: 61, Paper-Based TOEFL: 500, IELTS Academic Level: 6, Pearson Academic: 44.

Untuk mahasiswa internasional

Students must have graduated from secondary school.

Brooklyn College accepts TOEFL (Internet based): 61; Paper-based TOEFL: 500; IELTS Academic Level: 6; Pearson Academic: 44.

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