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BA in Mathematics - Pure Mathematics

Amerika Serikat

Apa yang akan saya pelajari?

Math majors are versatile, a big plus if you value the freedom to explore a variety of career paths in your lifetime. As a math major you can apply your quantitative, analytical and problem-solving skills in an almost unlimited number of fields and positions. SNHU's mathematics BA lets you take your passion for numbers, proofs and problem solving to the next level and prepare for careers that are not only command high salaries, but also have a high degree of job satisfaction.

When you earn your undergraduate degree in mathematics at SNHU, you'll develop an advanced ability in mathematical methods, reasoning and problem solving in three main areas of math: analysis, algebra and statistics. In addition to a broad base of mathematical knowledge, you'll become proficient in communicating about math, both orally and in writing.

See Yourself Succeed in Mathematics

Whether you want to land a position in a quantitative field such as finance, economics, computer programming or statistics, or further your studies so you can ultimately pursue a career as a mathematician, the BA Mathematics degree program provides a strong foundation for building your future in some of the fastest growing careers.

During your studies, you'll gain an understanding of:

How to solve real-world problems involving calculus, including integration, trigonometric functions, differential equations, Taylor polynomials and infinite series

Direct, contra positive, contradiction and induction methods of proof, as well as the relationship between problem-solving and the process of proving

Applying statistical techniques to a variety of applications in business and the social sciences, including probability distribution functions, sampling distributions, estimation, hypothesis testing and linear regression

Mathematical topics related to the design, programming and application of computers: propositional logic, number systems, algorithms and pseudo code, encryption, matrix manipulation, combinatory and other topics

Regression analysis and related topics, by hand and with a statistical software package.

Applied linear algebra and matrices topics that could be used to model applied mathematics problems in business, science, computer science and economics

Real analysis, addressing the transition from computational to theoretical calculus, with an emphasis on problem-solving and proof writing

Internships & Outcomes

Employers in a range of industries seek college graduates with quantitative, analytical and problem-solving skills. Whether you earn a math degree online or on campus at Southern New Hampshire University, you'll have the quantitative and critical-thinking skills that are valued in the workplace. With a college degree in math, you'll be prepared for a career in variety of fields:

  • Business
  • Actuarial Firms
  • Financial Services Firms
  • Utility companies
  • Consulting
  • Operations Research Firms
  • Insurance Agencies
  • Technical Journals

By earning your degree in Mathematics with a concentration in Pure Mathematics you’ll learn conceptual mathematical skills while completing theory-based coursework. This type of concentration is often studied for intellectual challenge as opposed to real world application. This concentration also qualifies as appropriate preparation for graduate programs in mathematics.

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School of Arts and Sciences

Pilihan kuliah

Purna Waktu (120 jam kredit)

Biaya kuliah
US$15.450,00 (Rp 220.714.286) per tahun
Tanggal mulai

Agustus 2023, Januari 2024


School of Arts and Sciences

2500 North River Road,


New Hampshire,

3106, United States

Persyaratan masuk

Untuk mahasiswa dari Amerika Serikat

Students must have the equivalent of a U.S. high school diploma. Minimum GPA: 2.5/4.0 or equivalent (Students with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 – 2.49 may be eligible for provisional admission).

Untuk mahasiswa internasional

Students must have the equivalent of a US High School Diploma with a minimum GPA equivalent to 2.5 on a US 4.0 grading scale. Students with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 - 2.49 may be eligible for provisional admission.

Students wishing to enter directly into an Undergraduate or Graduate academic program must provide evidence of English proficiency by one of the following options: TOEFL: 71; IELTS: 6.0 (sub scores: ? 5.5); PTE: 54; ELS: 112; EF: C1; ILSC: A2; Michigan: 85; ASC English: Completion of Level 6; FLS: Completion of Level 15.

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