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Economics is a social science that studies human behavior involving material needs and desires. In its modern form, economics uses formal logical/mathematical models to analyze, explain, and predict the behavior of economic agents (households, firms, government agencies), as they interact with each other and with institutions such as markets, clubs, and religions. The models are modified and improved on the basis of the results of statistical analyses of economic data. The economics major has the option of pursuing a general track or a quantitative track. The general track provides a firm grounding in economic theory and exposure to problems and techniques the student is likely to encounter in a business, nonprofit, or government agency environment.

The economics major has the option of pursuing a quantitative track. The quantitative track supplements the general track with extensive training in mathematical and statistical techniques required for graduate course work. This track is also recommended for those students who prefer a more quantitative approach to problem solving. Completion of this track fully prepares the student for entrance into the department's Master of Arts in Economics program at IUPUI as well as graduate programs at other universities.

The Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Economics (ECON) requires satisfactory completion of the following:

  • completion of general education and distribution requirements as indicated in the School of Liberal Arts section of the IUPUI bulletin that was current when the student declared a major in Economics,
  • completion of a total of 32-33 credit hours, with a minimum grade of C in each course,
  • choice of the General Track (33 credits total) or the Quantitative Track (32-34 credits total),
  • 15 credits in Economics, including ECON-E 406, must be taken at IUPUI

Students completing the Economics B.A. program will achieve the following:


  • a wide variety of economic issues, will be able to determine when an issue is or is not essentially economic, and will be able to distinguish between the positive and normative aspects of economic issues and

the mathematical and statistical techniques that are widely used in economic analysis.


  • the complementary roles of the private sector and the government in the U.S. economy, and will have some familiarity with the similarities and differences in the role of the government in other world economies;
  • the relationships between world economies in the areas of trade, finance, and information exchange, and will be familiar with the potential benefits and costs of these relationships; and
  • how economic theory, and economic models, can be used to help study economic phenomena, and will be able to use economic theory to help interpret and address many economic and social issues.

Be able to

  • understand and interpret economic data, and statistics based on economic data, when presented in a variety of forms.

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School of Liberal Arts

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19 Januari 2021, 23 Agustus 2021


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Untuk mahasiswa dari Indonesia

Applicants must have completed or will complete secondary school by the time of enrollment; No grade point average guarantees admission to IUPUI. We look for applicants who have demonstrated a "B" average or above average grades, with strong grades in math and science. TOEFL (iBT) – 60; IELTS – 5.5; IUPUI Program for Intensive English (PIE) score of Level 5; GCSE or GCE O Level in English language score of Grades A-C; International Baccalaureate score of Higher Level English A1 or A2 Certificate, grade of 4 or higher; Freshman English Composition Course score of "C" grade or higher (equivalent to IUPUI W131) from a regionally accredited U.S. University.

Untuk mahasiswa internasional

Students must have earned a diploma from an accredited high school before you enroll at IUPUI.


  • • TOEFL 80+
  • • IELTS 6.5+
  • Students scoring TOEFL 60+ or IELTS 5.5+ are eligible for admission but should anticipate taking additional English for Academic Purposes courses along with their academic program.

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