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Our undergraduate program offers a broad exposure to French language, literature, and culture. A comprehensive language sequence, at the 100, 200, and 300 levels, will develop your linguistic competence in oral and written expression, as well as introduce you to Francophone cultures around the world. Further, the French program places a strong emphasis on communicative skills, thereby building your confidence should you wish to study abroad. At any point in your studies, you may choose to take advantage of our excellent programs in Paris and Nantes, where you will be able to earn credits toward your degree.

To obtain a BA with a major in French Studies, fifty-five (55) approved credits above French 203 are required.

French Major Requirements

FRENCH 301 and FRENCH 302 Advanced French (10 credits)

The following three survey courses:

FRENCH 304 Issues and Perspectives in French and Francophone Studies (5 credits, VLPA)

FRENCH 305 Texts and Traditions I (5 credits, VLPA)

FRENCH 306 Texts and Traditions II (5 credits, VLPA)

One course at the FRENCH 370-level (FRENCH 376, 378, 379) (5 credits)

Two 400-level French Courses (10 credits)

Electives: 15 credits above FRENCH 203 from an approved list of electives. See adviser for approved list.

Maximum 15 credits of approved study-abroad coursework may be petitioned to apply to the major

A minimum 2.00 cumulative GPA is required for courses applied toward the major.

Upon completion of their course of study, majors in French and Italian studies will:

demonstrate linguistic fluency in French/Italian and a broad knowledge of French & Francophone/Italian language, literature, and culture(s);

demonstrate knowledge of terminology and concepts related to the study of literature and literary criticism and be able to apply them to the critical analysis of works from the French & Francophone/Italian literary canon;

understand how to conduct research in French/Italian literary and cultural studies and develop skills of analytical and integrative thinking, critical reading and writing;

demonstrate competence necessary for continued graduate study and/or employment in a variety of fields related to the French/Italian language and literary and cultural studies;

demonstrate awareness of and sensitivity to other languages and cultures.

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College of Arts and Sciences

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Untuk mahasiswa dari Amerika Serikat

Other English Language Requirements: 580 paper-based TOEFL.

Untuk mahasiswa internasional

Student must have a High School Qualification.

Due to limited testing availability from COVID-19, the UW will accept the Duolingo’s English Test for autumn 2021 applicants. A minimum score of 105 will be required for admission. The TOEFL iBT special home edition and the IELTS Indicator at home exam will also be accepted for 2021 international freshman applicants.

English proficiency

TOEFL (iBT) - Minimum score required: 76, Recommended score: 92 or higher

IELTS - Minimum score required: 6.0, Recommended score: 7.0 or higher

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