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Political science is the study of power: who has it, who doesn’t, and how it is used and controlled. In our classes, you will examine how governments come into power, how they are run, and the effects of the decisions they make. These decisions affect all of us, every day, which is why it is important to understand how they are made, and who makes them.

Political scientists study the people who run governments, the people who make laws and policies, and the sources of their authority.

We study presidents and prime ministers, democracies and dictatorships, parties and elections, bureaucracies and interest groups, nongovernmental organizations, political violence, and civil war. We look at the theories that explain political behavior and we study political decisions in fields as diverse as the economy, welfare, the environment, criminal justice, civil rights and liberties, defense, and foreign policy.

Students completing the Political Science B.A. program will achieve the following:


  • how to distinguish among theories of politics and analyze current political situations in theoretical terms;
  • how to identify the various types of actors in international relations and relate these in describing current global issues; and
  • how to locate appropriate sources by searching electronic and traditional data bases.


  • basic structural components of state and national government (legislative, executive, and judicial) and explain their relationship to each other and to subnational units and
  • the roles of significant actors, including elites, masses and institutions in the governmental processes.

Be able to

  • formulate hypotheses, construct research designs, and apply appropriate analytical skills (both qualitative and quantitative) to the study of political science;
  • use and cite appropriate sources correctly; and
  • write and speak with sufficient clarity to convey their attitudes, knowledge, and skills.

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Untuk mahasiswa dari Amerika Serikat

Applicants must have completed or will complete secondary school by the time of enrollment; No grade point average guarantees admission to IUPUI. We look for applicants who have demonstrated a "B" average or above average grades, with strong grades in math and science.

Untuk mahasiswa internasional

Students must have earned a diploma from an accredited high school before you enroll at IUPUI.


  • • TOEFL 80+
  • • IELTS 6.5+
  • Students scoring TOEFL 60+ or IELTS 5.5+ are eligible for admission but should anticipate taking additional English for Academic Purposes courses along with their academic program.

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