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Bachelor of Arts in Statistics

Amerika Serikat

Apa yang akan saya pelajari?

The program in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics is designed with several goals in mind:

  • to teach the language of the mathematical sciences
  • to provide a command of powerful mathematical tools
  • to develop problem-solving skills
  • to foster an ability to ask questions and to make independent discoveries
  • to encourage the experience of mathematics as a distinctively rigorous way of knowing

In addition, especially through the statistics offering, the rich interplay between an applied context and mathematical models in working with numerical data is an area of particular emphasis.

Math and Statistics

Math majors do everything and anything. Each year some students enter graduate programs in the mathematical sciences or in allied fields (engineering, business, economics, physics, operations research). Some go on to medical school, law school, and other professional schools. Others begin careers in schools, banks, and other financial institutions, software companies, insurance companies, and research laboratories.

Statistics is used in most of the professions, in most sectors of the economy, and in a great many academic areas. Each year some students enter graduate programs in statistics, or in allied fields (business, economics, education, or psychology). Many students enter the job market and later pursue advanced degrees. For more details please see the Mathematics and Statistics section of the Course Bulletin. All courses are designed to contribute in various ways to the College’s Learning Goals and the Math Department's Learning Goals.

The Statistics Major

The major in statistics requires a minimum of 36 credits. Detailed information on required credits and courses for the statistics major can be found in the Statistics chapter of the course catalog.

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Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Pilihan kuliah

Purna Waktu (128 )

Biaya kuliah
US$58.280,00 (Rp 832.571.429) per tahun
Tanggal mulai

Direncanakan September 2023


Department of Mathematics and Statistics

415A Clapp Laboratory,



01075, United States

Persyaratan masuk

Untuk mahasiswa dari Amerika Serikat

Students must have complete high school studies.

Untuk mahasiswa internasional

Students must have complete high school studies.

English proficiency requirements

Mount Holyoke has no minimum score, although the average TOEFL score is over 100, the average IELTS score is over 7 and the PTE is above 68.

Mungkin ada beberapa persyaratan IELTS yang berbeda, tergantung jurusan yang kamu ambil

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