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The Bachelor of Science degree in Artificial Intelligence with a concentration in Data and Computational Science is a Purdue University degree offered in the Department of Computer and Information Sciences. (A Bachelor of Science degree in Artificial Intelligence with a concentration in Intelligent Control & Systems is offered in the School of Engineering and Technology. The School of Informatics and Computing offers a Bachelor of Arts degree.)

The concentration in Data and Computational Science is one of two concentrations in the Bachelor of Science in Artificial Intelligence. This concentration incorporates artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the software and data analytics applications of these technologies.

Artificial Intelligence, or machine intelligence, is concerned with the understanding and development of intelligent software and hardware systems. While the area has existed for more than 30 years and emerged from interdisciplinary research in computer science, neuroscience, and electrical engineering, it was limited until the past ten years by the limited availability of requisite computing power. The recent wide spread applications utilizing machine learning and data mining were made due to the availability of this necessary computing power. As a result, AI applications are now available in multitude of fields such as automation/autonomy, manufacturing, transportation, health, security and others. Future trends will likely include plug-in AI computer chips that can be added to various devices/systems enabling greater intelligent capabilities in said devices/systems.

The degree curriculum includes artificial intelligence theory, methodologies, and applications infused throughout the program. You’ll also learn about applications that are reliant on artificial intelligence technologies, such as robotics, autonomous systems, intelligent control and smart systems and devices.

Upon graduating from this program, you’ll be able to develop intelligent agents that are part of autonomous systems mimicking human behavior capable of performing tasks autonomously and intelligently. Your studies will focus on theory and algorithms for learning, data analysis, optimization, and decision making.

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School of Science

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Purna Waktu (4 tahun)

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US$33.347,00 (Rp 476.385.714) per tahun
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Direncanakan Agustus 2022


School of Science

402 North Blackford,



46202, United States

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Applicants must have completed or will complete secondary school by the time of enrollment; No grade point average guarantees admission to IUPUI. We look for applicants who have demonstrated a "B" average or above average grades, with strong grades in math and science.

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