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The undergraduate curriculum in nuclear and radiological engineering is structured to meet the needs of both the student who contemplates employment immediately after graduation and the student planning to pursue graduate study. It provides maximum flexibility in the form of options for each student to develop his or her unique interests and capabilities. The core curriculum covers the basic principles of nuclear engineering, nuclear reactor core design, reactor systems engineering, nuclear power economics, reactor operations, radiation sources and detection instruments, radiation transport, radiation protection, criticality safety, regulatory requirements, and radioactive materials management.

Program Objectives

The program educational objectives reflect the needs of the program's constituencies and have been reviewed and validated by our constituents:

  • NRE graduates will positively contribute to nuclear and radiological engineering and related fields.
  • NRE graduates will conduct themselves with the highest professional and ethical principles that include considerations of public safety and the environment.
  • NRE graduates will engage in life long learning through graduate and continuing education, professional development activities, or other career appropriate options.

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College of Engineering

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17 Agustus 2020


College of Engineering

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30332, United States

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Applicants must have International Baccalaureate Diploma.

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