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Apa yang akan saya pelajari?

Students may choose from five different curricular options in chemistry and biochemistry:

  • Standard Chemistry Major
  • Course in Chemistry Degree Program
  • Chemistry Major with a Biochemical Option
  • Standard Biochemistry Major
  • Biochemistry Major with an Industrial Fermentation and Biotechnology Option
  • Biochemistry Major with a Clinical Pharmacology Option (BS only)

The opportunity to participate in research as an undergraduate is a distinct advantage for UWM undergraduates. At most large, research universities, research opportunities for undergraduates are limited; there are fewer of them and they often are reserved for juniors or seniors. At UWM, you can get involved as early as freshman year. Students work directly with faculty and graduate students on their current research projects, and sometimes find themselves published in a peer-reviewed journal right alongside the faculty member. Participating in undergraduate research is an excellent way to enhance your resume for graduate school or employment.

Chemistry is the study of the elementary parts and substances that make up our world, both the parts that occur in nature as well as man-made objects.

Chemistry is known as the "central science" because of its relationship to all other sciences. Because it is the foundation of other sciences, UWM Chemistry alumni are prepared to go on to countless number of professional roles. While your first impression may be that chemistry majors all end up working in a laboratory surrounded by beakers and test tubes, there is more to the major than that.

Our majors go into medical research, healthcare professions, manufacturing (particularly research and development), scientific writing and marketing, law (particularly areas of law that deal with science such as intellectual property), forensics and toxicology, aspects of engineering and production, teaching, sales, consulting, and government agency work.

Honors in the Major

Students in any of the chemistry or biochemistry options who meet all of the following criteria are awarded honors in the major upon graduation:

3.500 cumulative GPA in all UWM graded credits;

3.750 GPA in all UWM chemistry credits;

3.500 GPA in all advanced credits in chemistry (numbered above 300); and

Six credits of senior thesis with an average grade of B or better.

Saya termasuk departemen apa?

College of Letters and Science

Pilihan kuliah

Purna Waktu (4 tahun)

Biaya kuliah
US$21.475,00 (Rp 306.785.714) per tahun

* Biaya yang tercantum di halaman ini untuk tujuan indikatif, silahkan baca informasi resmi dari universitas bersangkutan

Batas akhir pendaftaran

1 March 2022, 1 August 2022

Tanggal mulai

24 Januari 2022, 6 September 2022


College of Letters and Science

2442 E Hartford Avenue,



53211, United States

Persyaratan masuk

Untuk mahasiswa dari Amerika Serikat

High school graduation (or the equivalent) is required for admission.

Untuk mahasiswa internasional

Students who are graduating high school seniors or high school graduates (or equivalent) who haven’t previously attended a college or university.

TOEFL IBT: 79 or higher

TOEFL PBT: 548 or higher

IELTS/IELTS Indicator: 6.5 or higher

Duolingo: 120 or higher

PTEA: 56 or higher

IB: 5 in HL English

British A-level: C or Better

Fall (September) Semester Applications: March 1

Spring (January) Semester Applications: August 1

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