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KU-Geology is a leader among geoscience programs, where students learn to serve society through the discovery, dissemination, and application of knowledge. Graduates may go on for post-doctoral training or are employed in academia, the energy and water industries, as well as in government agencies, with high levels of job satisfaction.

Doctoral students can specialize in any area of faculty expertise, including sedimentology, paleontology, tectonics, geobiology, glaciology, geophysics and hydrogeology. Prospective Ph.D. candidates are subject to the same initial requirements as master’s students. The master’s degree is not a prerequisite for doctoral aspirancy. A student with a good background and good performance during the first two semesters may be invited to proceed directly toward the doctorate.

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College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

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US$23.257,00 (Rp 332.242.857) per tahun
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Direncanakan July 2022

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Direncanakan Agustus 2022


University of Kansas - Shorelight

1450 Jayhawk Blvd,



66045, United States

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Untuk mahasiswa internasional

Students from other countries should have Bachelor's Degree with a 3.0 GPA equivalent to USA.


Direct Master's Accelerator (1 semesters): 6.5 No sub score below 6

Advanced Master's Accelerator (1 semesters): 6 No sub score below 5.5


Direct Master's Accelerator (1 semesters): 84 No sub score below 23 (except speaking)

Advanced Master's Accelerator (1 semesters): 70 No sub score below 19 (except speaking)

PTE Academic

Direct Master's Accelerator (1 semesters ): 58 No sub score below 53 (except speaking)

Advanced Master's Accelerator (1 semesters): 51 No sub score below 47

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