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The primary objective of the college is to enable students to attain essential knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors to meet the varied needs of society and the veterinary profession. The professional curriculum provides an excellent basic science education in addition to training in diagnosis, disease prevention, medical treatment, and surgery. Each class begins in August and graduates four years later in May. Graduates are qualified to pursue careers in the many facets of veterinary medicine and related health professions.

The College of Veterinary Medicine and the Comparative and Experimental Medicine (CEM) graduate program offer a coordinated accelerated dual program leading to the conferral of both the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and the Doctor of Philosophy degrees.

Admissions Standards/Procedures

  • The dual program is designed to prepare highly motivated students for a career in veterinary research.
  • Students entering the dual degree program must meet minimum admission requirements for both the DVM and the PhD programs.
  • Applicants for the DVM-PhD program must make separate application to, and be competitively and independently accepted by, the College of Veterinary Medicine for the DVM and the CEM program for the PhD.
  • Students who have been accepted by the College of Veterinary Medicine may apply for approval to pursue the dual program any time prior to or after matriculation. Such approval will be granted, provided that dual program studies are started prior to entry into the fourth semester of DVM course work.


Studies in Comparative & Experimental Medicine are

focused on the comparative approach to the study of biomedical and veterinary sciences

intended to prepare students for research and/or academic careers in the health sciences

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College of Veterinary Medicine

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College of Veterinary Medicine

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Persyaratan masuk

Untuk mahasiswa dari Amerika Serikat

Prerequisite courses with a grade of B or higher may be required if the applicant has insufficient background or less than required GPA

Untuk mahasiswa internasional

A dual program candidate must satisfy the graduation requirements of each program.

The CEM program will award up to 32 credit hours toward the PhD for acceptable performance (a grade of at least a “B” in A–F-graded courses) in approved courses offered for dual credit by the College of Veterinary Medicine.

Students in the dual program who also hold a master’s degree may use up to 24 graduate credit hours from their master’s program and up to 8 credit hours of DVM course work as part of the 32 credit hours awarded toward the PhD, as approved by the student’s committee.

An applicant requesting admission to the Graduate School may be required to submit results of the TOEFL or IELTS. Minimum score requirements for admission to the Graduate School are:

a total score of 80 on the internet based TOEFL (iBT),

a 6.5 overall band score on the IELTS.

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