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City University College of Science and Technology

Malaysia Malaysia




City University Malaysia (CityU) was founded by a group of ambitious scholars with a shared dream in 1984. It was known as City University College of Science and Technology until 2016, and the dream was to give Malaysian high school leavers an experience of the American degree system, preparing them for transfer to US universities for later degrees/postgraduate courses.


Over 35 years later, the university has achieved more than it ever hoped to, with 35,000 satisfied graduates and counting, a great research programme and a great group of talented teachers and students on campus.


CityU offers a lot of different degree options, with both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes available. There are over 60 programmes to choose from, and students enrolled here are given the education and resources they need to get qualified in just about any field they could imagine.


The CityU campus is a beautiful learning environment, home to a community of welcoming and friendly students from across the world. There are over 12,000 students currently enrolled at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels of study, and the students represent a total of over 100 countries thanks to the number of international students who have chosen to learn at CityU.


The campus is right in the city of Petaling Jaya (an area loved by tourists and locals for its historical landmarks, beautiful scenery, and closeness to Malaysia’s capital, Kuala Lumpur). Students moving to Malaysia from abroad can enjoy all the amenities of Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur from the convenience of their campus. This location also makes it easy for students to stay busy and active.


There are lots of food options, gyms and other recreational facilities on and around the campus, and students will never be bored for long when Petaling Jaya is minutes away. This is a modern city with a lot to offer. There’s culture and excitement around every corner.


Students who choose CityU choose a university that’s passionate about the teaching it delivers, the research it conducts, and the graduates it creates. With a focus on excellence and achieving great things, the academic standards encouraged by this university are high. The research teams, tutors and lecturers work hard, and so do the students.


This is also a university that’s proud to offer a lot of scholarships and support services to students, both domestic and international. These services range from mental health counselling to career coaching. Overall, it’s the perfect base for international students who want to enjoy Malaysian student life and an American degree system while getting a great education.


Explore more about studying at City University Malaysia:

Teaching Quality

Entry requirements

Scholarships & funding

University structure


Student support

Graduate outcomes


Teaching Quality


CityU wants to develop young talent and get every student ready for the working world. To do this, it makes sure high-quality teaching is the standard across all programmes and courses. Quality control is a big priority but keeping the teaching quality high, thankfully, isn’t a difficult job. Not when CityU staff have so much passion for educating and inspiring their students.


The CityU mission? To deliver great industry and market-driven courses to students and prepare them well for the years after graduation. CityU’s quality teaching has been rated ‘very good’ by the Ministry of Higher Education in Malaysia, a status it has earned. Lecturers at the university aim to change minds, grow student skills and deliver information while encouraging all the abilities that employers are looking for.


Since CityU was created in 1984, its researchers have done some amazing things, creating a great research reputation for the university. Currently specialising in research areas like mechanical engineering, information technology and applied sciences, CityU’s quality doesn’t stop at the class.


It continues into the research centres, where staff and students can improve the world and make new discoveries every academic year. There are five doctoral research programmes at the university that have been accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Register.



Entry Requirements


To enrol at CityU, each applicant must meet certain university entry requirements. These entry requirements vary depending on the potential future student’s chosen programme of study, as well as the degree level they plan to study at. Students should read up on their chosen programme to make sure that they meet all appropriate university qualifications before they apply.


Generally, to enrol in a bachelor’s degree programme at a higher education institution, applicants will need to have achieved the equivalent of a secondary school leaving certificate or a high school diploma. To enrol in a master’s degree programme, the applicant generally will need to have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in a relevant subject of study.


There will be unique grade requirements and subject requirements that are different for each programme. But, as long as an applicant has received good grades in a subject relevant to their desired course and completed the right level of education, they are likely to meet the university requirements for admission consideration at CityU. Students can research individual programmes on the CityU website to find out everything they need to know.


English Score Required


Unlike many universities, CityU doesn’t have any stated English proficiency requirements. Often, a university will ask international students who don’t speak English as a first language to prove they have a certain level of English proficiency via a range of accepted test methods.


Students are exempt from having to prove their proficiency in the English language if they come from a country whose native language is English. Alternatively, if they’ve studied for three years or more at an English-speaking university or belong to one of a few countries whose citizens may be eligible to have these requirements waived. Some of the most widely accepted English test methods are:

  • The International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
  • The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL - can be paper-based, computer-based or Internet-based)
  • The Duolingo English Test
  • The Pearson Test of English (PTE)
  • The Cambridge Advanced English (CAE) C1 Advanced


There are no specific requirements for English scores or English proficiency listed on the CityU website, but applicants might still need to prove the standard of their English to be eligible for some programmes. Individual research is required. As an example of what to expect, the minimum overall IELTS band score required by a university is usually between 5 and 6.5, with higher standards often applied to higher (postgraduate) levels of study.




The student admission process at CityU is simple, and it’s fully explained on the university’s website to avoid any applicant confusion. To start their journey to possible admission, students should fill out an online application form and submit several key supporting documents with this form, including:

  • Eight passport-sized photos with their name and passport number written on the back
  • Certified copies of all their academic transcripts
  • Two photocopies of their passport photo pages
  • Their latest resume (for postgraduate programmes)
  • A confirmation of employment letter (for postgraduate programmes)


International students will then need to cover an application fee and a student visa processing fee, with costs adding up to around RM 2,000. Once they’ve submitted their application and all the documents, it will be time for the applicant to wait for the university’s decision.


When CityU has decided to offer someone a place and approve their university admission, they will receive a letter informing them of their successful application. Then, international applicants who will soon become CityU students will get a visa approval letter, making their entry into Malaysia possible.


Tuition fees at CityU change depending on a student’s chosen programme and level of study. As a general guide, undergraduate degrees will typically cost international students between RM 38,000 and 80,000, while postgraduate programmes will generally cost between RM 20,000 and 42,000.


For more information on the admissions process and how to apply, students are encouraged to check the university’s website. They should know before submitting an application what their tuition fees will be (and that they can cover them) and what documents they’ll need to provide (and that they can provide them quickly/they won’t slow down the process).


Scholarships & Funding


At CityU, undergraduate and postgraduate university scholarships and awards are offered to help students with funding their studies. These scholarships reward hard work and academic excellence. The university feels it is very important to recognise and celebrate students for their achievements and leadership qualities, and scholarships and awards are a way to do this.


One example of a scholarship open to domestic and international students is the CityU Scholarship for Outstanding Students. This is awarded to CityU students who have made important contributions to the campus community and the university. The RM amount of this scholarship varies each year, but whatever a student does receive will help to significantly reduce their tuition fees.


Another scholarship example is the Leadership Excellence Scholarship, which rewards students who have shown leadership in their extracurricular activities, social work and volunteering. CityU wants students with strong leadership qualities to be rewarded, and this scholarship is a route to that kind of reward. Again, the RM amount varies.


Scholarships aren’t the only financial assistance route students at this university can take. There are a few options. One example is the EPF/KWSP Withdrawal for Education, which students are eligible for if they’re studying for a Level 3 diploma or higher. There are also funds and bursaries designed to help students when they experience financial need. CityU wants every student, no matter their background, to be able to afford their studies and get a good education.


University Structure


Across a total of 69 programmes of study, CityU aims to give students an industry-based education, preparing them for long-term employment (rather than just giving them enough knowledge to get a degree). The 69 CityU programmes are divided into eight faculties:

  • The Faculty of Allied Health Sciences
  • The Faculty of Architecture and Built Environment
  • The Faculty of Business Management
  • The Faculty of Creative Industries
  • The Faculty of Education and Liberal Studies
  • The Faculty of Engineering
  • The Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism
  • The Faculty of Information Technology


There are also a number of research programmes and centres at CityU, all regulated and organised by the university’s Research Management Centre (RMC). Research staff are reaching for sustainability, development and discovery goals. They have a collaborative, innovative approach and are always willing to share time and knowledge with students. In fact, some of the best researchers at CityU are students working hard on detailed doctoral research programmes.




CityU is home to all the facilities a student will need to be successful academically. There are a number of lecture theatres, workshops and labs on campus, as well as a photography studio and even some fashion studios. The library, a student activity centre for study and research, has over 10,000 books and other learning materials, with collaborative workspaces and quiet study spaces available.


The campus restaurant, Aida Brasserie, is a great place to meet people and a student life centre after class. So is the campus café, Table 8. Affordable food options are available in both places to suit a range of student budgets, and these food providers create important spaces on campus for socialising and relaxing. A great university doesn’t just have facilities to support student studies. It also has facilities to support student life.


Since CityU is in the middle of Petaling Jaya, there are also lots of facilities and amenities for students to access outside of campus (but not far away at all). There are shops, restaurants and student recreation centres for sports and fitness. Kuala Lumpur isn’t much further away, and there are even more things to do in this beautiful Malaysian city.


To give an example of how many amenities are available to students, there are gyms and fitness spaces surrounding the campus. District 13 Gym, Strength Academy MY and Gympark Fitness PJ222 are just a few of the gyms conveniently located within a short distance of CityU. Students have the opportunity to enjoy their active hobbies in the city, just minutes from their classes on campus.




CityU wants its students to feel at home and comfortable while studying in Malaysia. It can be a strange adjustment and a stressful experience to find the right student accommodation, especially for an international student.  So, the university makes the process as stress-free and simple as it can, and advice is always available when it’s requested by a student.


There are two university accommodation options on campus, both apartment-style residence buildings, with a monthly fee of around RM 250 (including transportation). The options are named Mentari Court Apartments and Damai Court Apartments. The living spaces are small but modern, and they offer an authentic campus living experience. Students are closely connected to all the CityU facilities and amenities, and getting to class in the morning is almost as simple as getting out of bed.


For a living experience more connected to Malaysian culture, students can also choose off-campus accommodation and find a student house or apartment to rent in the city of Petaling Jaya. The journey between the city centre and the CityU campus is an easy one. Although it might take a bit of time to find the right rental option, there will be lots of good options in convenient locations (and the people of Petaling Jaya will be very welcoming, as they always are).


Student Support


CityU has a full student support programme, and student services are provided at every stage of the academic journey. International students, for example, can get visa and immigration advice before they’ve even set foot on campus, while recent graduates can still access a wide range of career services even after they’ve left CityU.


CityU understands that student life can be a change, and faculty and support staff at the university do everything they can to help students adjust well, get settled in and feel at home in their new environment. Good student support makes adjustment much easier, so this is a big focus for CityU.


Students can book one-to-one sessions with a range of student guides, from emotional counsellors to academic coaches. Student support services are also available across the city of Petaling Jaya, including trained therapists and expert psychologists, academic tutors and career advisors.


Students should visit the CityU website to find out more about the services available. They can also get in touch with the university directly for information. Overall, the safety and wellbeing of CityU students matters a lot. It’s the first priority on campus. Successful students are happy students, and the dedicated CityU staff work hard to make sure every student is happy.


Graduate Outcomes


Students enrolled at City University have amazing job prospects thanks to the quality teaching delivered across a wide range of subjects. This teaching isn’t just theoretical or focused on helping students get a degree. It’s also a teaching style that fully prepares students for the working world and makes them more employable, opening up their post-graduation career options. Whether studying science, IT or architecture, students will be guided by highly qualified lecturers and tutors.


CityU is helping to bring its new graduates and alumni a Career Advancement Programme, which could raise their professional potential to the next level, assisting with employability and knowledge in a range of different fields.


Plus, because of the convenient city location, students can access a range of career services in Petaling Jaya. The Career Development Centre in Kelana Square, for example, could be helpful to anybody hoping to plan their strategy and speak with a qualified career guide about their next steps. Other employment services offered by the centre include help with writing resumes and CVs, job interview preparation advice and general guidance on the steps a student can take to make their individual professional ambitions transform into realities.


In terms of opportunities for graduates of CityU, there are many great possibilities. With the excellent standard of teaching provided, the wide variety of available industry-focused courses and the university’s overall mission to transform and develop minds to create future leaders of society, it’s hard to imagine anything but success for an alumnus from CityU. 


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Subjects you can study at City University College of Science and Technology

  • Arsitektur dan Pembangunan Arsitektur dan Pembangunan
  • Bisnis dan Manajemen Bisnis dan Manajemen
  • Humaniora Humaniora
  • Ilmu Komputer dan Teknologi Informasi Ilmu Komputer dan Teknologi Informasi
  • Ilmu Pengetahuan Murni dan Terapan Ilmu Pengetahuan Murni dan Terapan
  • Ilmu Sosial dan Media Ilmu Sosial dan Media
  • Ilmu Teknik dan Teknologi Ilmu Teknik dan Teknologi
  • Kesehatan dan Kedokteran Kesehatan dan Kedokteran
  • Pariwisata, Perjalanan dan Perhotelan Pariwisata, Perjalanan dan Perhotelan
  • Pendidikan dan Pelatihan Pendidikan dan Pelatihan
  • Seni Kreatif dan Desain Seni Kreatif dan Desain

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