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UNITAR International University

Malaysia Malaysia




UNITAR International University is a higher education institution in the popular student city of Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. The university teaches art and design, education, IT and business. Lecturers deliver instruction in Malay or English across the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, from foundation courses all the way to doctoral programmes.


UNITAR was the first virtual university in southeast Asia, and there’s been a lot of investment in online resources (including software, online teaching platforms and eBooks) to support learning from home. UNITAR was also the first university in all of Asia to be awarded five stars for Online Learning by the QS World University Rankings.


There are also some great in-person courses at UNITAR, taught on the main campus in Petaling Jaya and at over 10 UNITAR International University centres across Malaysia. Every class and every course at the university is proud to be high quality, innovative and flexible. There’s a blended approach to learning so that students who can’t make it to Malaysia get all the same amazing resources as students who are attending in person.


UNITAR has even designed its own learning system called UNITAR Education Core. UNITAR Education Core improves student engagement and makes the sharing of knowledge between tutors and learners even simpler, no matter where those learners are based.


For many people, fees and costs are a big obstacle stopping them from chasing the dream of studying internationally. Fortunately, UNITAR International University offers reasonable, inexpensive fees. Students get great value for money, so great that it’s possible to complete a full undergraduate degree for less than the cost of one year’s tuition at some other universities.


Though fees are low at UNITAR, teaching quality isn’t. QS World University Rankings gave the institution five stars in the Teaching category. Lecturers are experts in their fields and active researchers who are regularly published in journals. Every tutor cares about giving their students a good standard of education and the right practical skills for the working world.


Plus, student support services are always available, and graduate outcomes are strong. To give an example, 2020 graduates from the Faculty of Business, Technology, and Accounting are currently enjoying an employment rate of 93.63 per cent.


Explore more about studying at UNITAR International University:


Teaching Quality

Entry requirements

Scholarships & funding

University structure


Student support

Graduate outcomes


Teaching Quality


The 2022 QS World University Rankings gave UNITAR an overall score of four out of five stars, with five-star scores in the categories of Teaching and Online Learning. It’s clear from these scores alone that students at UNITAR enjoy a great standard of teaching quality, online or offline.


There are over 20 fully virtual courses at UNITAR International University (more than most other universities in Asia and the wider world). Quality teaching is especially important for virtual learners, as it’s not always easy to keep students interested when studying online, watching lectures and participating in video conferences from a distance. Lecturers at UNITAR manage that and more.


Students can also enjoy high-quality teaching in person from talented, expert lecturers at UNITAR International University. There’s a large auditorium at the main campus for traditional lecturers as well as a range of classrooms for collaborative, smaller group work. There are also specialist facilities for the courses that need them and helpful accessibility features for the students that need them.


The most important belief at UNITAR is that students should be able to get a great education from wherever they’re studying. The campus experience is excellent, so is the virtual experience, and so is a blended combination of both. This is all part of the UNITAR Education Core learning plan, designed to:


  • Make contact with lecturers simple and easy
  • Make knowledge sharing more organic
  • Save valuable time (on the side of students and staff members)
  • Minimise student tuition fees


Entry Requirements


UNITAR International University offers undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. To make sure students can meet the demands of their courses, UNITAR has some university entry requirements that must be met. Some entry requirements change from programme to programme, while others are overall university requirements.


For example, international students who want to study at the undergraduate level at UNITAR will need to meet the minimum grades published by the Malaysian education system that academic year. They will need qualifications that are at least equal to a Level 4 Malaysian qualification with a cumulative GPA of 2.0. These standards may be higher for certain programmes and courses.


UNITAR is a flexible place to study, and if students would love to attend but don’t have the pre-university qualifications they need, they will often choose to bundle their studies together. This means completing a pre-university qualification followed up by an undergraduate programme at UNITAR.


At the postgraduate level, the entry requirements ask for previous relevant university qualifications equivalent to a Malaysian Level 6, with a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5. Applicants to postgraduate courses who have a GPA above 2.0 but below 2.5 might also be considered once they’ve been assessed.


English Score Required


Some UNITAR courses are delivered in Malay, and others are delivered in English. Applicants to UNITAR, whether they’re domestic or international, will need to prove they have a good understanding of the language that their chosen programme will be delivered in.


If this language is English (the more common option for international students), and the applicant can’t prove their proficiency through their home country or their educational background, they will need to pass an English proficiency test and get a certain English score.


UNITAR accepts a range of English tests, including the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). The minimum IELTS overall band score required for admission at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels of study is 5. The minimum overall TOEFL online test score is 42.


Some programmes have higher entry requirements/higher demand for English skills, and these will usually also come with a higher minimum IELTS score. Students should check whether their proficiency scores match the requirements for their chosen course on the UNITAR International University website. If students fall short of the score, they may be able to take a preparatory foundation course or organise a retake.




UNITAR is open for admission all year. Student intakes usually happen once each semester in January, May and September. The student admission process happens, from start to finish, online. Students can start by requesting information about the process on the UNITAR website.


Then, a counsellor from UNITAR will get in touch to guide them through applying for their chosen course. Documents and details international applicants have to provide in their university admission application include:

  • Personal details
  • Education details/history
  • Contact information
  • Academic certificates/transcripts
  • A copy of the applicant’s passport
  • An English proficiency test score in line with the course requirements
  • The application form itself
  • The exact documents a student needs to share will be listed by the university. After examining an applicant’s documents and details, a decision will be made about whether or not to admit them to UNITAR International University. Successful applicants will receive an offer letter.


International applicants will be supported through each step of the admission process by UNITAR’s International Student Office. This includes help with applying for a student pass/visa and getting an approval letter from the Immigration Department of Malaysia. International applicants will also have to pay a registration fee (RM 500 as of 2022) and an admission fee (RM 100 as of 2022) before they can enrol.


Malaysia’s rules around student immigration are strict, and potential future UNITAR students need to pay attention during the process. Application and arrival errors can cause issues, so applicants should always turn to the International Student Office if there is anything they are uncertain about.


Scholarships & Funding


UNITAR is a university committed to keeping fees low and making learning accessible to everyone. An online bachelor’s programme, for example, can be studied and completed for a total of RM 24,000, equivalent to less than USD 5,500. In-person undergraduate teaching isn’t much more expensive, starting at RM 40,000 for three years (less than USD 9,000). Still, applicants should check the fees for the specific course they want to study before they apply, as prices vary.


There’s a state student loan scheme in Malaysia (these loans are called PTPTN loans) but international students aren’t eligible to apply. While some international applicants will be able to cover the full funding amount for their studies alone, UNITAR does offer several university scholarships that can reduce fees for international students attending the institution in person.


These scholarships are merit-based, and students can get support up to a 100 per cent reduction in their tuition fees based on previous academic achievement. Scholarship applications open as soon as a student gets their place confirmed. Options include:

  • The I-Future Scholarship for UNITAR Students
  • The UNITAR Tertiary Merit Scholarship
  • The New Programs Inaugural Scholarship
  • The UNITAR Master’s Progression Scholarship


There are also other external organisations offering scholarships to UNITAR students, and the university provides other forms of funding support/tuition reduction. This includes a bundled foundation and bachelor’s programme with tuition fees deducted for the foundation course.


University Structure


There are a total of 37 programmes offered by UNITAR International University at the main Petaling Jaya campus, with an additional 22 that are fully taught and assessed online. These courses cover all levels of the Malaysian higher education system, from foundation and certificate programmes all the way up to doctorate-level schooling.

UNITAR International University is organised into six faculties and schools. Across these facilities and schools, expert lecturers and researchers share resources and knowledge. Students, whether online or in person, will belong to one of the following:

  • The Faculty of Business, Technology and Accounting
  • The School of Culinary Arts
  • The Faculty of Education and Humanities
  • The UNITAR Foundation School
  • The UNITAR Graduate School
  • The School of Media, Art and Design


UNITAR courses are delivered in lots of different settings. The main campus is in Petaling Jaya, a beautiful city in the Greater Kuala Lumpur region of Malaysia. This is also where most of the university’s administrative staff are (in the Tierra Crest building, to be specific). There are then 10 UNITAR Centres across Malaysia:

  • The UNITAR Centre Alor Setar
  • The UNITAR International University Regional Centre Johor Bahru
  • The UNITAR International University Regional Centre Kota Bahru
  • The UNITAR Centre Ipoh
  • The UNITAR Centre Kuala Lumpur
  • The UNITAR Centre Kuala Terengganu
  • The UNITAR Centre Kuantan
  • The UNITAR Centre Kuching
  • The UNITAR Centre Malacca
  • The UNITAR Centre Seremban


No matter where they are in their studies, driven and hard-working students can expect to find the right course and a great standard of education waiting for them at UNITAR International University. Even if they can’t attend in person, they’ll enjoy an amazing learning experience.




Students at UNITAR International University get access to lots of high-quality facilities. Many of these facilities are accessible online so that everyone can enjoy them (like UNEIC Virtual, the UNITAR online learning environment), but there are also some great in-person facilities at UNITAR International University’s student life centre, the main campus in Petaling Jaya.


There’s a lecture theatre available that can seat up to 350 students. There are lots of modern, well-equipped classrooms and specialist learning spaces, including a range of computer laboratories, three student teaching kitchens and the Early Childhood Education Laboratory. The library is a popular student activity centre with over 31,000 printed books (and many online resources, too) and lots of spaces suitable for group study and individual study.


Between classes, the campus is also a student recreation centre with space for relaxing, socialising and enjoying extracurriculars. There’s a student lounge, a café and some dedicated prayer rooms to enjoy. Plus, with all the shops, restaurants and amenities of the city of Petaling Jaya close by, there’s nothing a student can’t access easily from the main UNITAR campus.




Students who want to study at UNITAR International University in person, whether international or domestic, have several university accommodation options. For example, the institution has agreements with the local Parklane and Grand hostels, which offer a variety of rooms starting from RM 250 per person monthly.


This could be an ideal student accommodation option for an international student, as the rooms come with all the basic furniture and facilities needed. Rent includes utilities like electricity, water and Wi-Fi. Some sites also have extra shared facilities like gyms and swimming pools. Each room contains a bed, a mattress, a wardrobe, a fan and a desk. There are some single rooms available, but most are designed for sharing. Air-conditioned rooms are often available for an extra charge.


Hostels are an option, and so are companies like Casita, which offer simple solutions for students in Petaling Jaya. Casita accommodation is similar to student halls across the world, with fully furnished rooms and bills included in the cost of the rent.


UNITAR’s main campus is in a popular student city, and though it might take some time and research, every student can find an accommodation option in this area that suits their needs and their lifestyle. Students seeking a private student house will mostly find furnished condominiums, but there are some unfurnished houses for rent, too.


Any international student struggling to find housing near UNITAR Petaling Jaya should contact the university for support and advice. This way, they will benefit from expertise about the area and existing business connections with local letting agencies.


Student Support


UNITAR International University offers a wide range of student support services. These services are there to help everyone get through their studies and make the most of their time at the university, even when obstacles arrive and need to be dealt with.


No student is left behind by UNITAR International University. Overseas students can access help and guidance whether they’re on campus or learning from home. This connects with the UNITAR belief that every student deserves a good education and a strong support network, no matter how they choose to learn.


Options for academic student support include study sessions with a student guide, online learning advice resources and library student services. Options for emotional student support include workshops, resources and the UNITAR Counselling Unit’s full student support programme.


Counsellors on staff are all fully trained by the Malaysian Board of Counsellors. They can offer individual sessions, group sessions, talks and training programmes. They can support students with learning difficulties, disabilities or mental health issues. They can even give academic and career advice to students in need of direction.


Graduate Outcomes


Lots of high-paying jobs ask applicants to have an undergraduate or postgraduate degree. Lots of popular professional industries can be hard to enter without a degree. Studying at UNITAR opens up a lot of career options after graduation, and the university creates even more job prospects for graduates by fully preparing students for work.


Every person enrolled is held to a professional standard in the classroom and offered a range of helpful employment services. Plus, the university has strong industry links with some great employers, so placement opportunities, internships and jobs are easier to access.


As mentioned, the career services at UNITAR International University are amazing. The Career Placement Centre works hard to give international and domestic students all the advice and resources they need. Here are some examples of career support offered:

  • Career advice and counselling with a trained career guide
  • Employability workshops and seminars
  • CV and interview clinics
  • Skills training
  • Networking events
  • Career fairs
  • Recruiting and interviewing online and on campus
  • In-industry learning opportunities like internships


Graduate outcomes at UNITAR are strong across all departments and programmes. As of 2020, students graduating from the Faculty of Education and Humanities have an employment rate of 83.53 per cent, while students graduating from the Faculty of Business, Technology and Accounting have an employment rate of 93.63 per cent.


UNITAR International University is committed to giving each student all the skills they need to get the job of their dreams. With such reasonable fees and so many useful employment services, UNITAR is the perfect place for a student from anywhere in the world to begin a long and successful career in their field of interest.


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Subjects you can study at UNITAR International University

  • Arsitektur dan Pembangunan Arsitektur dan Pembangunan
  • Bisnis dan Manajemen Bisnis dan Manajemen
  • Humaniora Humaniora
  • Ilmu Komputer dan Teknologi Informasi Ilmu Komputer dan Teknologi Informasi
  • Ilmu Sosial dan Media Ilmu Sosial dan Media
  • Kesehatan dan Kedokteran Kesehatan dan Kedokteran
  • Pariwisata, Perjalanan dan Perhotelan Pariwisata, Perjalanan dan Perhotelan
  • Pendidikan dan Pelatihan Pendidikan dan Pelatihan
  • Seni Kreatif dan Desain Seni Kreatif dan Desain

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