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John Monash Scholarship

Bedfordshire, United Kingdom

Nominal Beasiswa

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Jenis pendanaan

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Tenggat Waktu


Jenjang Studi


Tentang Beasiswa Ini

Insitusi pemberi beasiswa

Cranfield University

Jumlah beasiswa

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  • Tuition fees

Produk/layanan gratis

  • Full or part fee waiver from Cranfield University and a John Monash Scholarship valued at AUD $70,000 per year for a maximum of three years.

Syarat Pendaftaran


Australia , All International

Jenis Kelamin

Berlaku untuk semua jenis kelamin

Mode penyampaian

In Person

Pendekatan seleksi

Semua mahasiswa yang memenuhi syarat

Tipe program

Full Time

Tahun penerimaan

Expected October 2023

Kriteria lainnya

Academic excellence

Jurusan dan jenjang studi yang kamu daftar

Bidang studi*

Semua bidang studi

Jenjang Studi


Syarat kelayakan lainnya

To be eligible to apply for a John Monash Scholarship you must: Be an Australian citizen; Have completed or be about to complete an undergraduate degree from an Australian University; and Be planning to undertake postgraduate study at an overseas university commencing in the calendar year following the year of application and selection. The scholarships support any postgraduate degree, however, the applicant must be able to argue the merits of the chosen course and institution.

Exclusions: All Cranfield School of Management master's courses, MSc Advanced Motorsport Engineering, MSc Aerospace Vehicle Design, MSc Thermal Power and Propulsion, MSc Battlespace Technology.

The John Monash Scholarships are not limited by age, gender, or academic field of study.

At Cranfield University, all master's courses are eligible apart from the exclusions listed.

In awarding John Monash Scholarships, factors considered include: Excellence in the candidate’s field of study – this is usually demonstrated by having completed or being about to complete a university degree or degrees with outstanding results, but can also be demonstrated through prizes, awards, conference presentations, publications, performance and exhibitions (for arts candidates); Leadership and citizenship – candidates should demonstrate leadership experience or potential in the field of study, professional environment and/or the community; Research project or study programme – a specific, well-developed case for support for the candidate’s study to be conducted at an overseas university. Applicants will need to justify why this is the right programme, at the right point in their career, at the right institution; Proposed career pathway – candidates must present a credible and concrete pathway, addressing an issue the applicant is passionate about, and which will be of benefit to Australia; Two references, outlining the applicant's..

Basis Seleksi

Pelajar di seleksi berdasarkan

  • Academic excellence

Cara Mendaftar

Proses pendaftaran

Kamu perlu mendaftar secara terpisah untuk beasiswa ini

Detail pendaftaran (dari institusi pemberi beasiswa)

To apply, the candidate and their two referees should believe they have demonstrated excellence in their field, together with the ability to lead in the private or public sector.

They must believe that completing a postgraduate qualification at an outstanding institution in another country would give them recognition, skills, and networks that equip them for a leadership role in or for Australia in coming decades.

The deadline for applications each year (usually July) is for studying in the following calendar year (October intake).

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