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The International Career Institute (ICI) is a private, independent provider of online education, offering students an impressive range of 70 courses, all career-focused. ICI is the perfect choice for anybody wanting to pursue a new professional path, even with no prior experience, and it can all be done from the comfort of a student’s home. No relocation is necessary.


ICI courses are accessible to anybody who wants to enrol in them. There are no prerequisites or grade requirements, and since all the learning happens online, students don’t have to worry about visas or accommodation. They can stay where they are and still learn a huge amount and prepare themselves for their future career path.


Flexible, remote teaching methods are the standard at ICI, and busy students with other commitments find it much easier to balance their education with work and personal responsibilities. There is no physical campus, but there’s still a strong digital campus and community minus the stress of a move or a commute.


Students can choose a course from counselling to management to cooking. There’s a no-timetable approach and no formal schedule that students have to follow. Even by studying just an hour a day, students can complete their courses successfully. They can take things at their own pace.


When students complete their training at ICI, they get a certificate confirming their new qualifications. Credentials achieved by ICI graduates expand job prospects and open up new career options. After a programme of study at ICI, taught by talented tutors and dedicated lecturers, graduates stand out in the employment market and are more attractive to employers.


Anybody enrolling at ICI is enrolling in an institute that always offers top-quality teaching, great student support services (yes, even digitally) and a lot of flexibility to support the needs of students from a diverse range of backgrounds and countries. For a quality education that doesn’t require a total life change and can instead fit around an applicant’s existing schedule, ICI is ideal.


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Teaching quality

Entry requirements

Scholarships & funding

University structure


Student support

Graduate outcomes


Teaching Quality

The teaching quality at ICI is excellent. Across all courses and programmes, there’s a focus on flexibility and choice for students. Online classes are delivered with a no-timetable approach, and students can control how and when they learn.


Though ICI’s high-quality teaching isn’t given in person, it’s still very highly rated and interesting to students. Over 90 per cent of ICI students report a high level of satisfaction with tutors and support staff. Even through fully online communications, student and staff connections are created with real care and compassion.


Further evidence of the quality teaching at ICI is the fact that this distance learning organisation has been accredited and recognised by the International Association of Private Career Colleges (IAPCC). This guarantees that ICI has met the IAPCC standards and benchmarks for what makes a good educational institution.


As well as this, ICI is accredited and recognised by the International Approval and Registration Centre (IARC). In addition to other accreditations, registrations, affiliations and memberships (which can all be viewed on the ICI website), there is a lot of proof that the teaching at ICI meets high standards consistently.


Students learning at ICI have access to some incredible teachers, resources, and support services. All teachers are experienced in delivering distance learning experiences, and they give 100 per cent, just as they would if their students were sitting in the physical classroom with them. Almost any student on any schedule can succeed at ICI, and the credit for that has to go mainly to the hard-working faculty staff and support staff who keep things running smoothly.


Entry Requirements

Most higher education institutions and colleges have a certain set of university entry requirements that all applicants must meet before they can enrol, as well as some course-specific entry requirements to consider.


ICI doesn’t have any university requirements keeping students from applying for admission, as courses at ICI are designed to be accessible to all, allowing people to connect with online learning resources and qualified lecturers to expand their career options.


No particular university qualifications are needed for entry into any ICI course at any level. Anyone who wants to study online at this institute is welcome, so ambitious students can choose to take on a brand-new trade, chase new professional goals or learn how to stand out in their current field. To learn more about entry onto any particular course, students can view the How to Enrol section of the ICI website and read about the course they want to study in more detail.


English Score Required

It’s common for universities and higher education establishments where teaching is delivered in English to request proof of proficiency from students. For students who can’t offer proof in other ways, this will be in the form of an English test. Commonly accepted options include the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). 


At ICI, however, this requirement for an English proficiency test doesn’t exist. There is no minimum overall IELTS band score required. It’s up to students to make sure that if English isn’t a language that they’re fluent in, they’re able to understand and communicate well enough to successfully complete an English-taught course.


The whole enrolment journey is different at ICI. Luckily for international students, they avoid all the stresses and worries of getting a visa to study abroad (and the English language requirements that would likely apply during the visa approval process, too). Still, applicants should think carefully about whether ICI is right for them before they apply, especially if they don’t feel they can speak English to quite the right level yet.



Unlike the long university admission processes that other institutions put their applicants through, ICI has a simple route to student admission. The institute wants to make applying to the online school as accessible as attending the online school.


There are two main application methods: applying online or applying through the post. ICI recommends applying online. Applicants should visit the ICI website and choose the course of their choice. Since all courses are available to them, this might take some time and careful thought.


When this step is complete, applicants should scroll to the bottom of their chosen page’s course, click the ‘enrol now’ button and complete their online application form, providing any supporting documents that are requested. The online form is secure and simple, and it doesn’t even take very long to fill out. It only asks for a few personal details like name, country and contact information.


The form then asks the applicant for their card details (for their tuition fees). Fees can either be paid upfront or paid in weekly instalments, providing students with some flexibility to decide what best suits their financial situation.


Scholarships & Funding

Funding a study programme abroad can be difficult for international students. Living costs add up and accommodation costs can be really expensive in certain desirable countries. Luckily, ICI students save a lot of money because they don’t have to relocate or commute to a physical campus location. They can learn from home, accessing all they need without ever having to leave the house.


Though online learning is often a lot cheaper, ICI still wants to support students as much as possible, so there are some university scholarships available to ICI students that show academic ability and work very hard.


One example of the scholarships available at ICI is the Military Scholarship, given to applicants who are in leadership roles in any of the armed forces and looking to expand their skills. ICI can offer 100 of these Military Scholarships each academic year, and they aim to recognise and reward military professionals who want to develop their skills and grow their abilities.


Another award offered to reduce fees is the Business Leadership Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded to students with leadership potential in business industries. Anyone who can show that they are working in a leadership role and committed to expanding their skillset is eligible to apply, and applicants will need to submit an essay with their application explaining why they think they deserve the financial award. ICI is proud to put so much focus on developing people’s potential.


University Structure

ICI offers a total of 70 different professional courses. These courses are open to anyone, with no specific educational background or work experience needed. Though there is no physical ICI campus, the institute still aims to keep things well-structured and organised on the online portal/in students’ minds. So, courses at ICI are all divided into 10 core faculties:


  • The Faculty of Beauty
  • The Faculty of Business
  • The Faculty of Design
  • The Faculty of Education
  • The Faculty of Events, Media and PR
  • The Faculty of Finance
  • The Faculty of Health and Fitness
  • The Faculty of Law and Justice
  • The Faculty of Management
  • The Faculty of Veterinary and Animal Care


The way that these courses are completed is extremely flexible for students. Instead of exams, ICI students complete projects and written task methodologies. Instead of assignment deadlines, students can come to assignments in their own time and at their own pace at ICI.


Students are the ones in charge of how quickly they work through their course, rather than lecturers, tutors, or ICI executives. The maximum time that a student can take to complete their course is three years but given that studying for just an hour a day will allow for it to be completed in one year, this is a lot of flexibility.


The structure of this institution has been designed to fit seamlessly around things like full-time work, family, and care responsibilities. All the flexible benefits of online study are readily available at ICI, and this way of learning clearly suits many, many students since reviews for ICI programmes and courses are amazing, and general student satisfaction rates are very high.



The best part about online study is that students can continue to benefit from all the facilities and amenities they have at home. The lecture theatre is the bedroom, the living room or the home office. The student activity centre is the welcoming local gym or the park around the corner. The student recreation centre is the nearby café, or the city centre full of shops, or even just the student’s favourite spot in their home.


Beyond these, there are also many digital and online facilities that have been carefully designed by ICI to give students what they need to succeed. Traditional, in-person universities and higher education institutions have libraries, and these libraries are student life centres for study and research. Digitally, libraries are still very much accessible. ICI has a huge catalogue of digital resources, from digital books to digital journals to full digital research databases.


The ICI portal is also better than most university digital portals could ever be, as it has been focused on and invested in every step of the way. It is as user-friendly and connection-creating as possible, and it’s surprisingly easy to make digital friends and enjoy face-to-face contact (or, at least, video screen to video screen contact) without the need to be in the same physical place.


Another great benefit of studying at ICI is the fact that all learning materials are included in the reasonable course fees. There are no extra costs here for expensive textbooks, just like there are no extra costs for things like accommodation, parking and travelling to and from campus sites.


Without having to change their living situations or pay huge tuition fees, ICI students can study from experienced lecturers at their own pace and get easy access to all the resources they need. If potential applicants have any questions about how facilities at ICI (including the student portal) work, they can contact the university directly for more information and guidance.



Most in-person universities offer some university accommodation, but places can be competitive. Finding the right accommodation on campus and applying in time can be stressful and finding a private student house to rent with other students can be even more stressful.


At ICI, there’s no need to worry about student accommodation since this is a fully online institution. Students don’t need to move home or change their living situation to start their course. Though, of course, they always have the option to! Students at ICI can live and study anywhere they like, from Greenland to Australia to Egypt.


Arguably, one of the most stressful parts of the higher education experience is student accommodation. Students have to make a new place (usually a small room, and sometimes a room shared with a roommate) feel like home, and they’ll usually have to pack up and move somewhere else each new academic year.


For ICI students, the accommodation is their existing home. The adjustment period is less intense. Online courses can be taken wherever the student feels most comfortable. Learning can happen when a person is sitting in bed, drinking a coffee in their local café, or in their ergonomic chair in their home office. At ICI, it’s all about convenience, flexibility and student freedom of choice.


Student Support

At ICI, students are given a chance to get qualifications in any subject they’re passionate about. They’re supported every step of the way to help them succeed in their courses, and though they can’t access in-person student services, there are still hundreds of options available to them digitally, including counselling, academic coaching and more.


Students are all assigned a personal tutor at ICI who becomes their student guide for their course’s length, helping them with anything academic that’s causing them trouble or creating questions. These qualified personal tutors can assess student work, give expert advice, and answer any questions. Guidance puts students back on the right path if they ever get lost.


This paired-off student support programme makes a big difference to student progress, reducing a lot of the uncertainty that can happen when a student is on a distance learning course without student support in place to bridge the gap between tutors and their tutees.


Other student support services include a wide range of digital resources and learning materials, as well as a well-designed library system with troubleshooting functions that give students somewhere to turn when something isn’t working correctly.


ICI cares a lot about student mental health and wellbeing. One of the reasons the institute is so flexible is to support student mental health. Rather than having to fit their life around their studies, a student can do it the other way around, creating healthier habits and patterns.


Graduate Outcomes

Any potential future ICI student should know that they will leave the institution having improved their job prospects and boosted their level of employability. Any person at ICI can expand their qualifications without previous experience, so career options for graduates are almost endless. Anybody enrolling at this online institution is lucky enough to have access to some high-quality teaching and career services.


The range of employment services available at ICI includes everything from personal consultations with a professional career guide to resume writing and cover letter writing sessions. There are also online workshops focused on things like preparing for a job interview and completing effective job searches. Everything ICI can do to support current students and help them make a professional impact, it will.


ICI will also happily give graduates a letter of reference where appropriate so that students who have successfully completed course requirements have referees ready for employers. Graduates of ICI will never find themselves wondering what to do next. With all this advice and support ready to be taken advantage of, they’ll know how to take their next steps when the time comes.


The beauty of ICI is that even students with no job prospects in their field of interest can leave with a qualification that creates prospects. No door is closed to a student from any country in the world who is willing to work hard and build new skills in an online study programme at ICI.



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