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The Business Intelligence Analyst program at College Canada Inc. consists of 14 distinct competencies aimed at training future computer analysts. At the end of his training, the student will be proficient at:

  • analyzing organizational and environmental data in order to make strategic decisions within the company;
  • specifying the requirements of a data warehouse;
  • modeling, designing, building and administering a data warehouse;
  • providing management, statistics and analysis reports to those in charge of his business.

The Business Intelligence Analyst program at College Canada Inc. aims to train students in the field of information technology (IT). The student will be capable of performing analysis using powerful tools (Oracle and Microsoft) as well as modeling complex, efficient reports and decision-making dashboards adapted to the employers’ expectations.

The objectives of the curriculum are to:

  • understand the definition, structure and purpose of data warehouses, data counters, as well as other forms of storage;
  • define the key stages of data integration and understand the contribution of specialized tools compared to conventional programming languages;
  • understand how the data access and analysis tools can make end customers autonomous in the analytical process;
  • identify and understand the different phases of a business intelligence project;
  • define the actors, as well as their roles and responsibilities, in a business intelligence project;

These technicians are called upon to work in:

  • consulting firms;
  • information technology services in the private sector;
  • information technology services in the public sector;
  • as self-employed workers, as consultants.

Computer analysts main tasks include to:

  • identify and document customer needs;
  • carry out technical and commercial studies;
  • design, develop, integrate and implement computer systems;
  • counsel on information systems strategies, policies, management, security and service delivery.

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Persyaratan masuk

Untuk mahasiswa internasional

By virtue of the provisions contained in Article 4 of College Education Regulations concerning the admission requirements, that it, the person who has a training deemed sufficient by the college and who meets one of the following conditions:

The person interrupted her full-time studies or pursued full-time post-secondary studies for at least 2 consecutive sessions or 1 school year;
The person is subject to an agreement concluded between the college and an employer or she benefits from a government program;
The person interrupted her full-time studies during a semester and pursued full-time post-secondary studies during a semester;
The person holds a Diploma of Professional Studies (DEP). College Canada Inc. recognizes as training deemed sufficient:

a) a person holding a high school diploma, or the equivalent issued by a school board;
b) a person with extensive professional experience related to the area of the program specialization;
c) the person with relevant training related to the field of the program specialization.

To be admitted to an AEC program in English, the minimum score required at the International English Language Test System (IELTS) is 6.0. These results can be compared to other levels of standardized tests.

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