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Students who pursue the Bachelor of Science in Psychology experience the fascinating science of human behavior and how it can be applied to many careers and other life domains.


The undergraduate degree in psychology provides students with a foundation in the research-based science of behavior and the application of that science to personal, professional, and clinical settings. The curriculum challenges students to think as, scientists and to make data-based inferences regarding the causes of behavior and how to influence it. Students also learn to use research methods and statistical techniques to inform those inferences, as well as learning to write and speak like psychologists to better convey what those inferences mean to both professional and general audiences.


Students pursuing this major are trained within a scientist-practitioner model that refines their ability to apply critical thinking skills and psychological understanding to human challenges. Students find themselves prepared for occupations in a number of fields including administration and management, human resources, sales and marketing, education, and social services including criminal justice, social work, counseling, and psychology. The major also prepares some students to pursue advanced graduate degrees in the behavioral sciences.

Applied Behavior Analysis

Students have the option of completing an Applied Behavior Analysis Concentration for gaining advanced coursework and field experience in a focused area of study. The goals of this concentration are to produce undergraduate students who are prepared to (a) function as behavioral technicians serving individuals diagnosed with autism and (b) pursue advanced graduate training in behavior analysis. The Applied Behavior Analysis Concentration allows for the student to meet most (but not all) of the minimum requirements to be eligible for the Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA) Certification exam.

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